Porsche “K1” electric SUV confirmed as SSP sports flagship

During Porsche’s annual general meeting, CEO Oliver Blume confirmed that the company is planning an all-electric SUV, codenamed the K1, sitting above the upcoming Cayenne Electric.

The executive added that the flagship model will be based on the SSP Sport platform developed by Porsche based on parent company Volkswagen Group’s scalable systems platform.

“We also plan to expand our product portfolio upwards, with a new all-electric SUV, with a performance-focused character, above the Cayenne… This is a new car concept, with a characteristic Porsche flight line, impressive performance, automated driving functions and a new interior experience.”

Oliver Blume, CEO of the Porsche and Volkswagen Group

car has learned that Porsche plans to introduce the flagship EV in 2027 as an elevated seven-seat coupe, with a profile that’s part sedan, part crossover. According to sources cited by the British media, the vehicle will be unlike any previous production car from Porsche, with a length of more than 197 inches (5 meters).

In this way, we are underlining and strengthening our luxury sports positioning. We are seeing growing earnings clusters in this segment, particularly in China and the US,” Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said during the annual meeting. Speaking of China, Vice President Lutz Metschke said the K1 was “the perfect match for the Chinese market.

The Porsche K1 is expected to offer the latest synchronous electric motor, high-performance battery and fast-charging technology.

It will reportedly include four-wheel steering that offers up to 5 degrees of steering angle for the rear wheels to improve maneuverability at low speeds and agility at higher speeds. This feature will work in conjunction with an electronic differential that allows torque vectoring between each individual rear wheel.

The interior is said to offer a whole new experience that focuses on space, thanks to the low cabin floor of the SSP Sport platform enabled by the slim battery pack and Taycan-like sunken rear footwells.

Factor in its size and super-luxury credentials, and the price will easily top $190,000, which is what Porsche’s most expensive SUV, the Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT, costs right now.

Porsche’s flagship electric SUV will be built at the company’s plant in Leipzig, Germany, where the Macan EV is also scheduled to go into production in late 2023.

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