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Tesla Motors showcased its all-new electric pickup truck at an event which is hosted by Tesla. After revealing Tesla Cybertruck which is an electric pickup truck became instantly popular and everyone who has an interest in cars is looking for Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla Cybertruck has an unconventional design which makes it look more uncommon than ever seen in the market of the auto industry there are lots of people around the globe who have an interest and seeking attention in this Tesla electric pickup truck.

Tesla Cybertruck

The production timing of the Tesla Cybertruck which is a fully electric pickup truck will be first decided in late 2021 after that the timing changed to late 2022 and now the timing of the Tesla Cybertruck again changed by late and mid-2023 according to the reports. However, Tesla’s electric pickup truck Cybertruck becomes now more popular in the market for its major changes in the exterior design for example when the electric truck reveals there are no side mirrors in the truck and pods of cameras in the Cybertruck. Whereas according to a few reports those can be used as mirrors in the truck and side mirrors are necessary according to the vehicle regulations.

Cybertruck Details

Tesla Cybertruck will be going to available with three different versions of the electric pickup truck with different options of battery packs in the truck with different configurations of the drivetrain. The starting price of the Tesla Cybertruck will be expected to start from $39,900 to $69,900 for the top configuration of Cybertruck in the USA and if the price is converted for India then the starting price of the Tesla Cybertruck will be around ₹50.70 lakhs (ex-showroom).

2023 Cybertruck

Cybertruck versions

There will be three different versions of the Tesla Cybertruck the base model will provide a single motor in the truck which will be RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and it can provide a maximum range of 248 miles (400 kilometers), the mid-model of the truck will provide the dual motor with AWD (All-Wheel Drive) which can produce a range of 298 miles (480 kilometers) and the top model of the electric truck will be tri motor version which also comes with AWD (All Wheel Drive) and it will give a range of 497.097 miles (800 kilometers) on a single charge.

Cybertruck specifications

According to Tesla Motors Tesla Cybertruck exterior or body strips are made of Ultra hard stainless steel which is 30X cold rolled and is capable to avoid resisting dents and also the windows of the Truck also strong as the company claims and Tesla calls it Tesla Armor Glass. Tesla Armor Glass can absorb impacts and damages which helps to improve the performance of the truck.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck

Tesla Cybertruck looks

The looks and exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck are also very good in the sharp lines in the truck with a horizontal headlight and also its horizontal taillight which covers the back and gives an amazing look. And makes it looks more minimal and futuristic looking electric pickup truck in the market.

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Tesla Cybertruck comes with an air suspension which is adaptive and it can be raised up and also lowered according to the requirement and driving location. Whereas the back of the truck also can be lowered for easy loading and unloading from the pickup truck. Tesla also provides customers with a very unconventional-looking interior in a pickup truck similar to a Tesla car.

Cybertruck Features

The electric pickup truck will get a giant 17-inch massive infotainment and information touchscreen on the dashboard of the truck. And the massive touchscreen also worked as an infotainment screen and also as a MID (Multi-Information Display) which will provide more information about the truck. The touchscreen can also be used for climate control and it will be all in one massive 17-inch touchscreen in Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck will also get its unique-looking steering wheel also known as the Yoke steering wheel which we have already seen in Tesla Model S electric vehicle. Tesla Cybertruck will offer a seating capacity of 6 people on the truck and also equipped with a bed that will be 6.5 feet Tesla calls it the ‘Cybertruck vault’ in the electric pickup truck. The towing capacity of Cybertruck will be 7,500 pounds and 14,000 pounds from its tri-motor model of the truck and 7,500 pounds for the single motor variant of Cybertruck.

Cybertruck interior

Cybertruck Performance and Range

Tesla Cybertruck will come in three different versions of the truck in which the single motor of the Cybertruck will battery capacity of 100 kWh and it will provide a range of 248 miles (400 kilometers) on a single charge. The dual motor AWD will provide a battery pack of 100 kWh which will provide a range of 298 miles (480 kilometers) on a single charge.

The last and top model of the truck Tri motor AWD will come with a 200-250 kWh battery pack which can produce a maximum range of 497 miles (800 kilometers) on a single charge. According to the reports Tesla claims that the Tesla Cybertruck can accelerate 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in just 2.6 seconds to 6.5 seconds depending on the variants of the electric pickup truck.

Tesla Cybertruck Price Details

The pricing of the Tesla Cybertruck will start from $39,900 to $69,900 according to the model or version of the electric pickup truck in the United States whereas in India the price of the Tesla Cybertruck will start from ₹50.70 lakhs.

Tesla Cybertruck Highlights

Performance800 horsepower
Torque1,356 Nm
Battery100-200 kW
Range248-497 miles
Acceleration0-62 mph in 2.9 sec
Towing CapacityUpto 14,000 pounds
Fast ChargingYes
Auto PilotYes
Seating Capacity6
Price Range$69,900

published: January 17, 2023.

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